Monday, September 27, 2010

Ready for pictures??

We spent this past weekend at an amazing cabin perched high on the shore of Lake Superior. It was an absolutely scenic location, which means we have a LOT of amazing photos! Enjoy!

Amelia sleeps very late when she's in her own crib, but when we're away, she's an early riser. She and Miles both woke each morning with the sun, so they enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with a view each morning!

Relaxing with Baby

Graham would live out the rest of his life in the woods if we let him! He's one happy kid when he's loose in nature.

Even at 2 years old, Amelia still LOVES to go in the baby backpack

How is it even remotely possible, that she was comfortable enough to fall asleep like this?!?!

Happy nature boy

A rare family photo although I probably shouldn't count it as such since only Amelia's leg is visible. She was snoozing away on Daddy's back.

What a Grandma to carry her little guy like this! A 5.5 mile hike through the woods with two toddlers meant we all did our fair share helping the little toddler legs take a rest.

Graham was very interested in the moss

We now had two sleeping toddlers at this point. Only 3 miles to go at this point, and yes, I'm completely serious!

Amelia woke up and was happy to snuggle up with Grandma

Amelia loves all things pretty!

Animal crackers on the shore for the little ones

Graham admiring the lake

Grandpa and Amelia taking in the view


ChanSoon said...

What fabulous pictures they are! Even nature looks so beautiful with colorful leaves. It's amazing that the leaves have changed color already. Everybody's face shows the fun time there.
In Korea, the leaves haven't started to change yet.

Leegirl said...

I love these! They are all so beautiful.....I'm amazed that Amelia fell asleep like that, WHILE holding a leaf in her little mitten haha.....talented;)