Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's been a while...

I have been a bad blogging Mama the past few weeks....We enjoyed every last minute that summer had to offer and before I knew it, September was upon us. The next few weeks are going to be weeks of adjustment for our family. Graham starts pre-school at his new school next week and Amelia starts school again as well. Both classes are going to be learning experiences for all three of us. Graham has never been to an actual 'drop off' school before, and although I will attend class with Amelia, the parents and children separate which I know is going to be quite challenging for her. I will have updates on both kids and their classes next week!
Since I have been neglecting the blog for so long, here are a handful of pictures from our past few weeks....
24 hours a day Amelia and her baby have to be touching!

Enjoying a quiet evening on the lake

Graham LOVES the Minnesota State Fair!

Note to self...Amelia does NOT love sheep

After a busy morning exploring the fair, like clockwork, Graham fell asleep in his stroller at nap time

Amelia fell asleep in her stroller too-a VERY rare occurance we were thankful for on this day

Riding the train with Daddy!

Graham's exact words were "Don't worry Daddy, I'm a doctor!"

Daddy's Girl! Amelia is always up for a good cuddle!


Jonathan said...

i don't believe graham has ever been to medical school...and if he has...i gotta wonder where that was! haha:)

Jonathan said...

also, it's official: there is NO ONE sweeter than little miss amelia:)