Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Boy Bed

At three years and four months old, Graham is FINALLY in a big boy bed. He has a convertible crib that goes from crib, to toddler bed (it's current state), and ultimately a full size bed when he's older. Back in November, yes November(!), we ordered the necessary parts to transform the crib into a bed. Our nearly 6 month wait for a single piece of wood was ridiculous, but since his crib was expensive, we weren't ready to abandon it. Much to Graham's delight, the mailman delivered the needed piece yesterday. All day today, I kept reminding Graham that he would be sleeping in his bed tonight and that his afternoon nap was the last time he'd be sleeping in his crib. We wanted him to be excited so we really talked it up. Well, apparently we talked it up too much because when we opened the box and realized that we're STILL missing pieces, Graham was extremely upset at the idea of sleeping another night in a crib. The missing pieces thankfully aren't structural, rather more decorational. So, tonight, a happy Graham is sleeping in his very own bed that isn't pleasing to my eye. Perhaps in another 6 months the worlds slowest furniture maker will ship the remaining 2 pieces!