Sunday, March 28, 2010


One year ago, Jeff and I were approximately half way into our 14 hour flight to Korea. We left O'Hare from gate M7 which really isn't significant, other than the fact that this was our second time leaving from M7. I have no idea why I remember this specific detail, or why I even snapped this picture, but when we left to pick up Graham, this was the gate, and now for the second time, we found ourselves nervously waiting for the boarding call of the Korean Air, O'Hare to Incheon flight at gate M7.

14 hours on a plane is a LONG time. There really isn't much to do other than sit and think, or unsuccessfully try to watch a movie or read a book in an attempt to occupy your mind. Despite the fact that with each hour that passed, we were that much closer to Amelia, this plane ride seemed to drag on forever. Although I would board the plane an experienced parent, my fears were still so close to the surface. I felt equipped to handle messy diapers and a fussy baby, but I was flying across the world to pick up my 10 month old daughter and I anxiously wondered if she would like me. I knew from past parenting experiences that her love for me would develop slowly over time, but would she even like me? Would she be afraid? Would she trust Jeff and I enough to open herself up to the unconditional love we so desperately wanted to shower her with? Our love for Amelia began the day we saw her sweet face for the first time. Amelia on the other hand, had no idea how much her life was about to change.

As we finally began our decent, I couldn't wait for Korea to come into view out my window. I wanted to get off that plane and get Amelia into my arms where she belonged. I knew that our journey as a family with both a son and a daughter was about to unfold, and I couldn't wait for it to begin. Korea had already blessed us with one miracle, and I couldn't wait to meet our second little miracle.


James said...

Interesting that you used M7 twice; perhaps M7 has hidden meaning:
M for Mother and 7 for the number of days each week that you will be blessed by your children.
Haraboji & Halmoni

Kris Greer said...

And 7 is my lucky number!:) We are all so lucky to have Graham and Amelia in our lives!!!!!!!!
Grandma Greer