Monday, March 22, 2010

Five Little Monkeys

Amelia and Graham have a "Five Little Monkeys" play set. They both know the rhyming story and they both love to play with the monkey's. The similarities end there though, regarding how they each play with these monkey's. Graham chooses to follow the story and have the monkey's jump very high then fall off the bed (over and over and over) and bump their heads. Amelia on the other hand, chooses to take a more nurturing approach. She only likes to play with the Mommy monkey, who happens to wear a pink dress and a flower in her ear. Amelia likes to tell me that the monkey is ready for 'night night' then she prepares the bed by carefully placing the pillow and the monkey. Finally, the Mommy monkey is covered carefully with a blanket and given a kiss good-night. Once again, I am amazed by the difference in how boys and girls choose to play with toys! At least in our house, the gender stereotypes are holding true.

Getting the bed ready for Mommy Monkey

Mommy Monkey needs a blanket

Tucking Mommy Monkey in

And finally, Mommy Monkey receives a good-night kiss!

Just because they're cute!