Thursday, February 25, 2010

The stomach flu...

The three of us are once again spending a low key day at home. This time, it's not by choice though, it's because the stomach flu is invading. Our day has consisted of multiple episodes of Caillou and Little Einsteins and a little bit of the movie Cars thrown in for good measure for the kids, and multiple loads of laundry for me. Currently, Graham is the only one suffering the nasty symptoms, and I'm desperately trying to remain positive and hope it stays that way. It's nearly impossible to keep these two apart though, so I suppose only time will tell. I'm going to think positive thoughts, and hope that Graham wakes up from his nap feeling much better and Amelia never succumbs to the stomach bug.

I suggested to Amelia and Graham that they watch their TV shows from their tent. They thought it was fantastic and really nice of me to offer this (Graham thanked me repeatedly!). Little did they know though, I had ulterior motives. If Graham threw up, I wanted it to be on the washable tent and NOT on the carpet!


Jeffrey said...
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Jeffrey said...

WOW! mama is a genius. not sure what i would have done if the stomach bug came while you were away