Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Breakfast Silliness

I've heard more laughter than fighting between Amelia and Graham lately, and breakfast this morning was no exception. Like usual, Amelia started her day very late (at least by Graham's standards) and walked around the kitchen pleading "Eat! Eat!" as I quickly worked to prepare her breakfast. Once Amelia was seated in her highchair, Graham, like usual, was eager to pull a chair right up to her. Sometimes he makes silly faces at Amelia just to get a reaction, sometimes he quietly looks at a book, and sometimes he helps her eat. Regardless of what he's doing, Graham likes to be in very close proximity to Amelia when she finally wakes up for the day. Today, Graham chose to feed Amelia, and Amelia was happy to accept the help!

Amelia is more than able to hold her own cup, but today she let Graham hold it for her

Because Graham was being kind, Amelia returned the favor by offering some of her toast

Silly kids!

I should also note that the 'outfit' Graham is wearing is his standard uniform these days. He's not ready for the day until he's wearing his fireman hat, yellow rain jacket, red superhero cape, and cowboy boots. :)