Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keeping Busy!

In order to keep ourselves busy while Jeff is out of town, we headed to a toddler open gym at a local community center this morning with our friends Kelly and Maddie. We've never been to this particular center before but it was a hit! It was actually two huge connected gymnasiums. One gym contained every riding toy imaginable. Amelia spent her time riding a caterpillar and Graham spent his time trying to master a scooter. The other gym was full of toys-giant blocks, a mini-jump house, tunnels, and hula-hoops. Basically, if a toddler would like it, you could find it here.

I'm glad the kids liked it, because to be completely honest, we almost didn't make it. We, actually they, are having problems lately in the car. The kids can't keep their hands off of each other. EVER. They love to tease, taunt, and torment each other when they know I can't do much about it. It got so bad today on the way to the gym that I told them we were going home if they couldn't leave each other alone. Despite the backseat full of toys and books, apparently the best entertainment is making your sibling screech like a jungle animal. It's making me CrAzY! Other than living like the Partridge Family and commuting in a very large bus so they can't possibly touch each other or never leaving the house like hermits, I'm at a loss but am VERY open to suggestions! HELP!