Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An invitation and a phone...

After Graham woke up from his nap today, he asked if Amelia could join him in his crib. Yes, Graham is nearly 3 years old and still sleeps in a crib. The truth is though, he LOVES his crib, and tells me this nearly every day. So, why ruin a good thing, right? Anyways, Graham was in a silly mood all day, and I wasn't sure why he wanted Amelia in his crib. That is the one spot in the house, that he doesn't have to share with her so I made sure to ask him if he really wanted her in there. Over and over he told me "Yes!" So, I lifted Amelia in, and this was the result. Amelia is clearly thrilled and if you ask me, if looks like Graham is rethinking his invitation!

One last picture for the day...Amelia spends a good amount of her life carrying around an old cell phone. She has that thing practically attached to her head and can be heard occasionally erupting into an enthusiastic "Hello!" followed by a conversation between her and her "friend" that nobody can understand. I am very aware that children learn from example and mimic what they see, so I guess I should be the first to admit that I love my phone. :)