Thursday, December 3, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

Because I'm tired of writing about nothing other than doctor visits and breathing treatments, I'll write about something happy we did as a family last weekend...decorate the Christmas tree! I will admit that I had an idealized vision of what it would be like to set up the tree as a family of four when in reality, it was nothing even close. The kids immediately wanted their hands on everything, didn't understand that some ornaments are breakable and others aren't, and that some candy canes are real and others are plastic. We did finally manage to get the tree up and decorated though, and both Amelia and Graham are still in awe of it even a week later. I'm not necessarily in awe of the Christmas tree, but I am in awe over my children and how much added joy they bring to even something as simple as a Christmas decorations.

Amelia's favorite ornament-she's obsessed, yes obsessed, with the puppy on it

Studying the tree in amazement

Eating the plastic candy cane
Dancing with the plastic candy cane
Now, for the Amelia update....she managed to stay fever free all day (YIPPEE!!!), was in a good mood, and even had a great day at school! Tomorrow we go to the doctor bright and early for a breathing check. Since Amelia isn't currently on an antibiotic, and when she's not on an antibiotic her symptoms seem to reappear, the pediatrician didn't want her heading into the weekend without being seen. Hopefully, we arrive home with good news!