Monday, December 14, 2009

Girls' Night Out!

Last night Amelia and I had our very first 'Girls' Night Out' event! We (along with three of her little girlfriends and their Mommy's) attended Disney's Princesses on Ice. Being that Amelia has never watched a Disney movie in her life, I wasn't sure if the show would keep her attention or not, but we decided to give it a try. For the first hour, Amelia did a great job. The show was lively and there was enough movement on the ice that she was entertained. After intermission, it was pretty much down hill for her though. The point of no return for her was when I accidentally knocked the lollipop out of her hand and it flew onto the dirty floor. She desperately wanted it back, but there was no way she was going to put that thing back in her mouth! In Amelia's defense though, the show was a full two hours long so overall, I think she did a great job for being 17 months old!

Heading out for the evening

Amelia's friend Alex was kind enough to bring Disney Princess themed treats for the girls. Amelia LOVED the little rings!

Milk Break!

The girls during intermission-Emma, Alex, Amelia, and Maddie...not the best picture, I know, but attempting to get a picture of 4 active girls is quite the challenge!