Friday, December 11, 2009

Farewell to the Bear!

We're saying good-bye to the nebulizer or 'teddy bear medicine' as it's been called around here! Amelia had her appointment at the pulmonologist today and it couldn't have gone better! I was hoping for good news, but we got GREAT news!

We started off with another chest x-ray. The previous x-rays have been taken while Amelia is sitting upright, but today they wanted it taken while she was laying down. I carried Amelia towards the x-ray machine and got ready to set her down when I noticed that there were arm and leg restraints. I immediately told the tech that I would not be restraining Amelia. The poor thing was already terrified of the cold room with giant machine so I can only imagine how she would feel with her arms and legs being held down by restraints. After some pleading, I convinced the tech that Amelia would hold still... at least that's what I was hoping for. I set her down, laid her back and kept telling her to look at me. I could tell Amelia was becoming very frightened so I started to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle' to her. She laid perfectly still while holding my gaze and the tech was able to get a perfect picture with no restraints needed! YEAH!

Then we met with the doctor who listened to her breathe and proclaimed he heard absolutely no wheezing, looked at her films with me and said they were clear, and did an oxygen saturation test and it came back at 100%. Basically, she's perfectly healthy! The doctor's thought is that her case of RSV was a particularly nasty one. None of the symptoms Amelia experienced with her RSV were abnormal for RSV, it's just that the symptoms persisted for so long which is what brought us to the pulmonologist in the first place.

We were given the go ahead to stop all breathing treatments so tonight we're packing up that teddy bear in his special back pack and it's heading to the basement for storage. Good-bye bear, we hope to never see you again!


Jim Olson said...

Wonderful news. We are so happy that you put the "merry" back in "Merry Christmas".
Halmoni and Haraboji

Steve and Krisanna said...

Thank goodness!