Sunday, November 15, 2009

St. Louis and Minneapolis

This weekend certainly didn't go as planned. For months now, the plan for the weekend was to spend it with my extended family in St. Louis. We get together each year for an early Thanksgiving celebration, and I look forward to it all year. I was anticipating it this year especially, as it would be Amelia's first time to meet many members of her out of town family! With her pneumonia in full swing though, travel was not in the cards for her. Jeff and I debated for several days as to what we should do-should we all stay home or should Graham and I travel to St. Louis alone? By Thursday, Amelia had made enough improvement that I felt ok leaving her. I knew she was on the mend, and clearly she was in good hands spending the weekend having one on one time with her Daddy.

So, Friday morning Graham and I headed to the airport to begin our adventure. I thought that Graham would enjoy some one on one attention and time away from his sister, but I was WRONG! He complained all weekend that he wanted his Daddy and even asked several times to speak with Amelia on the phone. Sleeping last night was awful as Graham repeated over and over to me that he didn't' like the hotel bed, but that what he really wanted was his own bedroom. When I told him this morning that we were packing up, getting on an airplane, and heading home, his grin lit the room!

Back at home, Amelia had a quiet weekend getting pretty much what ever she wanted. She sure does have her Daddy wrapped around her little finger! Upon arriving home, I was disappointed to discover that not a single picture was snapped all weekend. Clearly, Daddy Jeff doesn't understand that it's the pictures that make the blog! Feel free to leave him a comment if you'd like to encourage him to use the camera more often when the photo obsessed Mama isn't around! :) I was thrilled though, to see how much Amelia had improved while I was away. She's like a different kid, and I'm pleased to say that our lives will go on as normal this week.