Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Mullets Allowed!

Miss Amelia is sporting a new hair cut. I finally caved in and decided it was time to have her hair trimmed. Her hair was growing faster in the back than on the sides and starting to look more and more like a mullet each day. Since a mullet isn't a choice hairstyle of mine, I decided it was time for Amelia t0 obtain a more girly shape to her hair. A few snips off the back helped create her cute little bob and I have high hopes to never see her sporting a mullet ever again!

These days, Amelia and strangers don't normally mix, so I wasn't surprised that getting her hair cut wasn't enjoyable for her. We bribed her with bubbles, an Elmo movie, and even a sucker, but her protesting didn't stop until I squeezed myself into the kiddie chair and placed her on my lap.


James said...

So much like her daddy! I had to hold Jeffrey on my lap for his first haircut. He cried. He perspired. We were covered with sticky hair. A shower was very necessary after that ordeal.

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