Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a weekend!

Our weekend really started Friday night when Jeff returned home from his business trip. Between both of us being out of town last weekend, and Jeff being in Las Vegas last week, the kids were overjoyed to see him walk through the door!

Does her face say 'happy' or what!?

They couldn't handle taking turns climbing on their Daddy, so they both went at it at the same time
Friday night was also the night I got to give Jeff part of his birthday present-his brother! As a
surprise, I flew his brother up for the weekend so they could hang out and do 'guy stuff'. Jeff was SHOCKED to see Jon and I was excited that I was actually able to get him in town without Jeff having a clue!
Since our children have no idea that Saturday's and Sunday's are meant for sleeping in, Saturday morning started early. We didn't really have set plans for the day which actually turned out to be a very good thing....Graham had a little accident and dislocated his elbow which meant that he and I spent a good part of the morning at Children's Hospital having his arm reset. The poor little guy was in so much pain as I gave him a great big bear hug so the doctor could realign it. Just like she said though, as soon as it was back in place, it was as good as new and not long after we were thankfully headed home.
Jam session with Uncle Jon

After our excitement filled morning, the kids took much needed naps and we ventured to a local pumpkin patch when they woke up. At first, Amelia wanted to do nothing but pick up the little pumpkins and throw them hard into the ground...strange, right? After several reminders, we convinced her that there were other ways to have fun!
wagon ride with her prized pumpkin

Amelia was so proud of herself for carrying her little pumpkin....I don't think she knew I had most of the weight in my own hand

Why ride in the wagon when you can pull or push it?

Happy with Uncle Jon

You can't see his grin behind the pumpkin, but Graham's eyes are smiling!

After Graham's trip to the emergency room, we let him pick out a 'sick prize'. He chose this fireman hat. He LOVES it. He loves it so much that he wore it to the grocery store this morning!

Last, but definitely not least, is today, Jeff's birthday. After the very busy past week we've had, at Jeff's request we just hung out at home. He wanted us all to watch football, so that's what we did. Unfortunately, despite the team spirit Amelia and Graham demonstrated by dawning their Vikings gear, it just wasn't enough for them to pull off a win. Despite the Vikings loss, which made Jeff very sad, we still had a great birthday celebration with a family day at home. Happy Birthday!!