Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Our pumpkin carving evening turned out to be rather anti-climactic this year. Amelia wanted NOTHING to do with sticking her hand in the pumpkin or going anywhere even remotely close to anything that was removed from the pumpkin. Graham on the other hand, dug right in and actually helped (for about 5 minutes) to clean his pumpkin out. The problem this evening proved to be short attention spans for both kids which left Jeff and I with two pumpkins to clean out, two pumpkins to carve, and two kids to monitor while the pumpkins were transformed into jack-o-lanterns. Oh well...although neither Jeff or are have any real artistic talent, at least in the end, the kids thought they were impressive lit up, and displayed on the front steps.

The ONLY time Amelia actually touched her pumpkin

The first scoop of goo is removed from Graham's pumpkin

Graham helping with Amelia's pumpkin since she repeatedly pushed it away from herself

Check out her look of disgust!

Graham was very impressed with the candles in the pumpkins

Once they were cleaned up and shining, Amelia took an interest in the pumpkins