Wednesday, September 30, 2009

15 Month Check-Up

This afternoon, Amelia had her 15 month check-up. Our favorite pediatrician has been out on maternity leave with twins, so today was the first time that Amelia got to meet her. Thankfully, the pediatrician's calm and sweet demeanor quickly won Amelia over and not a single tear was shed! Because Amelia is fighting off the end of a cold, she escaped without having even a single shot. Little does she know, that as soon as she's healthy, we'll be back for those immunizations! At 15 months old, Amelia weighs 23.5 pounds and is just over 31 inches tall so she continues to follow her growth curve and remains our perfectly healthy, big girl!

Amelia was FULL of energy at her appointment. The doctor was running late and instead of looking at books and eating cheerios I had in my bag, Amelia entertained herself by dancing on the examination table. She thought she was hilarious! Here's Amelia gettin' down with her kleenex! Excuse the blurriness-she was moving way too fast to get a good shot!

When she did finally grow tired of dancing, she sat down to wipe the table clean. It appears that my obsession with wiping down the counters and tables multiple times a day with Clorox wipes is rubbing off on her!