Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rainy Weekend at the Lake

After being confined to the house last week with two sick kids (yes, Amelia kindly shared her illness with Graham) we were more than ready to pack up on Friday and head to the lake. We were hoping to spend a few days in the heat then cooling off in the water. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate though. It was rainy and actually cold outside. Although it's not always easy to entertain two toddlers at the cabin when they have a view of the lake and boat, we managed and the change of scenery was welcomed for the weekend. Since we couldn't play outside, Amelia decided to....

play with shoes in the sandal basket near the door. This girl is drawn to shoes, I'm not kidding... She takes after her Mommy! :)

Then she and Annie spent some time looking longingly at the water.

Feeling pretty proud of herself sitting on a toddler chair pulled up to the coffee table!

Daddy can always use a little help catching up on work, right?

Finally, late Saturday afternoon the rain let up for a bit which allowed us just enough time to check out the local carnival. Small town carnivals, at least this one, was like a cultural experience. The people watching alone, made our trip worthwhile. At one point, Graham even commented on an individuals pretty hair....a man's long dread locked pony tail to be exact! Amelia had the opportunity to ride her first carousel which I'm still not sure what she thought of. But, she LOVED the giant slide. Actually, both kids loved the giant slide. After Graham went down the first time and was so excited by it, we let him ride again and this time Amelia and I joined in on the fun. If this slide impressed the kiddies, I can't wait for them to experience the Minnesota State Fair in a few weeks!
That's us waaaaaay at the top, getting ready to come down!

Check out these happy faces! (you can click on the picture to enlarge it)