Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Out for Ice Cream

After dinner we decided to take a walk and get an ice cream treat. The weather is very hot and sticky, so although we knew the ice cream would be a welcomed treat for the kids when we finally got it, I wondered how agitated Amelia and Graham would be riding in the heat smashed next to each other in the stroller. Well, any concerns I had regarding their behavior were thrown out the window when Graham spontaneously began to kiss Amelia's cheek. It didn't just happen once, it happened several times over the course of a few moments-thankfully I had enough time to dig out my camera! Graham has been unusually protective of Amelia the past few days. That isn't to say there isn't the normal hair pulling and toy stealing, but I'm begging to see a few glimmers the stereotypical over protective big brother. Last night for example, I witnessed one of the sweetest interactions I've seen between them yet. We were at a park and Amelia began to cry. Graham came running over to her, bent down to her level and said "Amel ya ya, do you feel better now?" He actually stood there for a minute like he was waiting for an answer from her. Honestly, those two could have melted my heart on the spot.

So anyways, back to our ice cream...once we had our treat in hand you can see how anxious Amelia and Graham were to have a taste. Graham was impatiently waiting with his mouth wide open and Amelia was doing her best to wait while she licked her lips. Judging from their reaction, you'd think we never feed them or something!