Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Behind on the blogging....

I've fallen waaaay behind on the blog. We've been keeping very busy during the day which makes for one tired Mama by the time the kids are tucked into their cribs each night. In pictures, here is a quick recap of the past few days...

On Monday Amelia and Graham spent the morning exploring the Splash Pad with their buddy Livia. Amelia was running full speed out of excitement and did take a fall into a bench though. She now has a bruise on her face and although I'm sure it's the first of many for her, it still makes me sad to see a reminder of her fall.

At home, Amelia has figured out how to climb into this big red chair. This is funny to me because it's the designated "Time Out Chair" and unfortunately Graham has grown very familiar with it lately. After I repeatedly place Graham in this chair and insist that he stay put, it shouldn't surprise me that Miss Amelia wanted to give it a try herself. Doesn't she look proud of herself? If only she knew where she was sitting, I doubt she'd have that grin on her face!

And finally, to end this summary of the past few days, today we spent some time at the beach with our friend Maddie and her Mommy. I never thought I'd be able to take two fearless toddlers to the beach alone, but I did it! This beach was PERFECT for small children, and we'll definitely be back again soon. The water was so shallow that older kids who actually wanted to swim would be bored and probably find another place to hang out. It doesn't get any better than shallow, calm water for active toddlers!