Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amelia, Graham, and Alex

Amelia and Graham spent the morning playing with Alex who kindly shared all her toys, books, and even her favorite booster seat during lunch. The three kids are really starting to interact rather than just play next to each other so they're becoming really fun to watch! Amelia tried her best to keep up with Alex and Graham who were often together laughing at jokes only humorous to toddlers. Amelia had a ball sitting in a cozy coupe that resides inside (ours is an outside car), have tea at a table perfectly fit for her, and even try out an indoor swing! What a fun playroom Miss Alex has! Thanks for having us over to play!
Align Left Amelia was convinced that if she tried really, really hard, maybe, just maybe, some milk would come out of this toy cup. Too bad her persistence didn't pay off! This picture was taken right before her frustration set in...

Graham crashed the girls' tea party

Eating lunch-how cute are they all lined up? What you can't tell from this photo is just how mischievous Graham's behaviour was becoming. He had Alex and Amelia laughing like crazy at his funny noises, attempts to tickle the girls, and constant chatter as he repeatedly declared his antics 'very funny, Mama!'