Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Amelia!!!

One year ago today, our sweet Amelia was born in Korea. One year ago today, on the other side of the world, I was breathing a sigh of relief knowing that our home study was done and that we were three days into our official wait to be matched with our daughter. After being told we'd be waiting a "good solid year", never in a million years did I imagine that just three days after being put back on the infamous waiting list, that our daughter would be born. Amelia is truly a gift to our family, and although she hasn't even been home with us for 90 days yet, it's nearly impossible to remember what life was like before she joined us. She's a complete joy to have around, loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses, and doesn't mind hair bows. :) Does it get any better than that?!?!?

I am so thankful that Amelia's birth mother made the selfless and loving decisions that she did and that Amelia's foster mother loved her unconditionally like she did. At only a year old, Amelia has people from one end of the globe to the other that love her and are thinking of her today. Although I will probably never have the privilege to meet Amelia's birth mother, it's humbling to me, that today, on the first anniversary of her birth, our thoughts are connected by sweet Amelia. We love you Amelia, Happy 1st Birthday!

Absolutely thrilled to be at the museum!

Enjoying crawling through the tunnels

Playing in the water with Big Brother Graham

And finally, no 1st Birthday would be complete without opening at least a few presents! I'll admit to being a bit worried that Graham was going to have a fit while he watched Amelia tear into her gifts, but he did great! Once the gifts were unwrapped, I can't say that he didn't want to take the toys, but he did sit back and allow Amelia to open her presents alone.
Amelia tore into her gifts like she's been doing this for years!

Becoming acquainted with her new baby

Amelia was THRILLED with her dollhouse. She was trying to climb onto the box...notice Graham's little finger? He was scolding her since we have a 'feet stay on the floor' rule at our house!

Setting up her doll house


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Happy Birthday Amelia!