Friday, May 22, 2009

Retirement Party!

Amelia and Graham's Halmoni is a superstar elementary teacher and her official teaching career is quickly coming to an end. She's retiring in just a few weeks, and today, some of her past and present students honored her with a party! Of course, we had to attend to show our support to her, and also let her show of her two adorable (I know, I know, I'm a bit biased) grandchildren. This was the first time Amelia was really in the middle of a crowd in an unfamiliar environment so she stayed in the baby carrier to help her feel secure. I could tell she was a bit uneasy for a while with all the attention she was receiving when people were 'oohing and aahing' over her, but she really did a great job hanging in there. After the party ended, we continued with our own family party and went out for dinner where Amelia discovered one of her Mama's favorite treats...a hot fudge malt! For the great majority of the meal, Amelia sat contentedly in her highchair munching on cheerios and goldfish crackers. Once I offered her a taste of malt though, she became very vocal because I wasn't spooning it in fast enough. It's safe to say that my girl is a true chocolate lover!

Graham decided that he needed to be on my lap while eating his ice cream at the party. I guess there is room for everyone on Mama's lap! Amelia was trying to figure out why she was suddenly so squished!

Posing with the party guest of honor