Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We've finally turned a corner...

Amelia woke up a different kid today!!! Honestly, the change in her is so drastic it's almost as if a miracle occurred! Yesterday morning we took her to the doctor for her 9 month check-up. Thankfully, this was already scheduled, as it was timed perfectly with our feelings of complete helplessness as we tried to nurse our girl back to health. Like we were told at the hospital this weekend, she just has a nasty virus that needs to continue working through her system. The doctor did suggest that while her stomach is so upset, dairy is difficult to digest. So,we put her on a soy based formula temporarily until things are back to normal for her and it seems to have done the trick! Other than her current virus though, the doctor was very impressed with Amelia and how advanced she appears to be-crawling, cruising along furniture (the robot walk according to Graham), feeding herself, and attempting to stand up in the middle of the room is pretty good for a 9 month old!

Since the pictures have been so sparse lately, here are a bunch. Enjoy!

This might just be my favorite picture of Amelia so far!

We took advantage of the picture perfect spring weather today and watched Graham play with bubbles on the deck.

Annie is thrilled with her new friend!

Graham refuses to stop climbing into this bouncing baby seat. He gets himself stuck every. single. time. This morning I told him I was too busy to get him out and that he would have to wait until I had my hands free. I'm hoping he was bored enough to not climb back in there. I'd say he looks pretty bored, don't you? :)

They love to hang around the piano. I'm not sure how much longer Amelia will fit underneath though.

This morning Graham went through his drawers and started dressing himself. No worries, I didn't let him leave the house in this ensemble!


James said...

Thank Goodness that Amelia has improved. She looks great in the new pictures.
Tell Jeffrey that if Graham goes out looking like that, Jeffrey has to go with him and wear Bermuda shorts with knee length black stockings and sandals!
Grandpa Olson