Thursday, April 30, 2009

Three Cheers for Amelia!!!

Amelia deserves three BIG, GIANT, ENORMOUS cheers! Why, you ask? Well, not only did she sleep through the entire night last night ( actually the past three nights and I've had to wake her up at 7:00) and she also took not one, but two naps in her crib today!!! If you can't sense my excitement, just know that I felt like doing cartwheels around the house this afternoon. I'm not convinced we're in the clear yet as far as her sleeping issues, but great progress is definitely being made!

While I have high hopes the lack of sleep in this house will soon be a thing of the past, Amelia has decided that she's not sure about Jeff. She refuses to take food from him and throws a fit if he's holding her while she can still see me. I'm sure this is just a phase, but it does make for some pretty tense moments. Shortly after Graham came home, and Jeff returned to work, Graham also went through such a stage. Thankfully, it was short lived, and he realized just how great his Daddy is. Hopefully Amelia and her Daddy will be able to spend some quality time together this weekend so she can soon come to the same realization that Graham did. I have to wonder if Amelia questions if Jeff will return each day when he leaves for work in the morning. I wish I could get into the mind of a 10 month old baby who's world was recently turned upside down...

Both Graham and Amelia are also finally on the road to being healthy again. This rotten cold they're both fighting off just didn't want to leave which means that today was the 4th day in a row that we've all been stuck in the house. I'm really, really, really hoping that they'll be well enough for us to rejoin civilization tomorrow. It's been a long week for all of us and we've got a busy weekend coming up so waking up healthy on Friday will be perfect timing!

Amelia has discovered the play kitchen..."Graham's play kitchen", he really wasn't thrilled about this. Speaking of Graham, I have no clue why he's putting socks on his fire truck in the background!
Graham shows Amelia how it's done! I wish I could explain the crown on Graham's head. He's recently decided he needs to wear it almost all the time...perhaps he's trying to impose his authority over his toy kingdom?

A future musician?


Kris Greer said...

Such sweetie pies!!!!

Kelly Good said...

Yay for Amelia!! The important thing is now you know she can sleep through the night and that will give you the hope that it will happen again!! Do I sound like I have some experience in sleep deprivation, or what? =) I hope Graham is sleeping better and that all is peaceful in your house soon!