Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making Progress

We're making progress in our house! During the day Amelia is a happy girl 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time she screams because I'm washing her face after an especially messy meal. Actually, every meal is especially messy with her because she insists on running her baby food covered fingers through her hair over, and over and over again. Nice.

Amelia successfully took a nap IN HER CRIB this morning!!! She peacefully slept for over an hour until Graham opened her bedroom door and loudly called "Hi Amel-ya-ya!". She doesn't fall asleep in her crib on her own, after she's rocked to sleep she's transferred to her crib, but we'll take it! Since Jeff loves playing with his iTouch so much, he so kindly volunteers to sit in her dark room with her in case she wakes up panicked by where she is. I didn't think I would ever appreciate Jeff's love of surfing the internet as much as I do right about now! Our crib training appears to be paying off! In case you were curious, night time sleeping is still a major issue though...

I know I've mentioned it before, but Amelia is very mobile. She crawls quickly, and each day becomes more adventurous regarding what she tries to get into. This morning though, I actually held my breath as I watched her try to stand up completely unassisted in the middle of the room. She wasn't able to do it, but giggled as she toppled to the floor and tried it again and again. I am so not ready for my 9 month old baby to be standing without help.... I'll do my best to catch her on video trying to stand up because it's actually pretty funny!

After lunch today, both kids were in a good mood so Jeff and I decided to try our luck with a quick trip to Costco. On the way to the store, I turned around to check on Graham and Amelia in the backseat, and this is what I saw....

They were holding hands!!!!!!!!!!!
We managed to grab the few things we needed in record time and both Graham and Amelia remained happy as long as the cart was in motion. The highlight of today's Costco adventure for Graham were the many samples he was allowed to try. He loved his waffle sample so much that he tried his best to get Amelia to eat it too. Too bad she's just a baby and can't eat a waffle yet, but I do have to give Graham credit for attempting to share with her all on his own!

"Want some waffle, Amelia??"