Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

Despite the constant feeling like we're walking around in a haze as a result of some serious sleep deprivation, we managed to have a great day. Both kids are healthy, Graham's tantrum's were few and far between today, and the weather was is good!

Amelia and I ventured out on our first mother/daughter outing to the mall this morning. She's in need of some new shoes so we began the hunt. Despite not finding what I wanted anywhere in the mall (yes, I'm picky!) Amelia proved herself to be a delightful shopping partner. She happily sat in her stroller, babbled to me about the cute clothes she saw, and was a great helper when I needed her to hold things.

We decided that a picnic dinner at local lake with a great playground would be a fun way to spend the evening since the weather was just too perfect! Graham and Amelia both loved the playground. Graham enjoyed having some freedom to climb over, under, and through things, and Amelia was introduced to the joys of a swing. She loved it! Actually, both kids really love to be in a swing...I'll have to remember this when I'm going crazy and need to contain them both! :) We took a long walk around the lake after the kids were tired out and they handled being next to each other in the stroller very well. Amelia likes to have constant physical contact with Graham though and she continued to fling her legs into his lap. Graham decided the best way to deal with this unwanted leg in his space was to lean over and bite her toe...oops! No worries, I was more upset about it than Amelia was!

Amelia's first time in a swing!

Graham loves the swing too!


Patty Lucken said...

Your kids are so cute and precious! I'm glad that everyone is feeling better now.