Monday, April 20, 2009

We Survived!

After having Jeff home from work for the past three weeks, today was his first day back in the office. I was admittedly nervous about how the day would go-how many times Graham would take a toy from Amelia, how many times Amelia would wake up from her naps, etc. Other than being exhausted from the lack of sleep (Amelia still doesn't like to sleep at night), I thought it went pretty well. I tried to be organized and tried to think three steps ahead of Graham and we were all alive when Jeff walked through the door this evening. I realized that our days are going to look pretty much like they did pre-Amelia, only I need to allow at least twice as much time to accomplish any single task. By the end of the day, both Graham and Amelia were a bit squirly so I was extremely thankful for Kelly, who dropped a delicious dinner off for us this evening!

The only time that Graham become frustrated with Amelia today was actually cause for me to laugh to myself. Amelia babbles constantly-mamamama, babababa, or dadadadadada. At breakfast this morning 'dadadada' was Amelia's preferred sound. Each time she did this, Graham looked at her, and explained 'Dada Jeff at work'. Graham really believed that she was calling for her Daddy and he wanted to let her know where he was. This went on for some time before Graham gave her the dirtiest look, raised his voice a bit and said it for the last time all day 'Dada Jeff at work!'. It was almost as if he grew so impatient at the fact that he was repeating himself so many times! As a side note, we have no idea why Graham refers to his Daddy as 'Dada Jeff' but each time Graham's speaks to him or about him, it's 'Dada Jeff'.

These two giggled like crazy while I got breakfast ready. I absolutely loved listening to their laughter from the kitchen.

Another cute picture of our happy Amelia