Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another eventful day...

Today was a first for us...a trip to Children's Hospital. Miss Amelia had a very rough time last night showing us that even one ounce of formula was too much for her body to handle. So, we did what any concerned parent would do; we called the after hours nurse line for our pediatrician hoping for some advice. Not once, but twice, we left messages with the answering service there and not a single nurse called us back :(. I called the clinic as soon as they opened this morning, descried the horrible night we just had, and they advised us to take Amelia to the hospital. Once there, after some blood work (not fun for anyone) it was determined that she was dehydrated and low on sugar and an IV would be necessary. Amelia was really not feeling well by this point and generally just ticked off with all the poking and prodding so the IV was pretty traumatic for both Mommy and Amelia. She's got a pretty rotten case of the flu, so hopefully the extra fluids she received today will give her the extra strength she needs to fight this thing off. We're all in desperate need of some sleep, so hopefully, tonight goes better for all. Most of all though, we just hope that Miss Amelia turns the corner and is soon back to her happy self.