Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday in Seoul

We didn't have any adoption business to take care of today, so we were on our own. We left the hotel by 9 and walked for the next 10 hours! I wish I could figure out how many miles we covered, but I'm certain we both met our daily exercise requirement and then some! Mid-morning we again found ourselves starving. Part of our jet lag issue (other than exhaustion) is that we find ourselves hungry at the most random hours. Each time I'm in Seoul, I always find it funny that there is a Dunkin Donuts on every corner, but none to be found in Minneapolis! We took advantage of the convenience this morning and stopped for a treat.

Dunkin Donuts in Seoul
After our treat, we made a very memorable stop. Clearly, you'll be able to tell that by the number of pictures I'm including, that the fish market left a lasting impression on both Jeff and I. We've had the opportunity to travel to some pretty exotic places, and neither of us had been anywhere quite like this. I don't think we could have correctly named even half of what was being sold. Part of the lasting impression a place like this leaves is the memory of the very unique odor...truly one of a kind!

Sting Ray


Any guesses?

After marching around all day, we decided to give our tired feet a rest and saw a movie at Coex Mall. Every time I've been in Seoul I've seen a movie there, so it's become a necessary stop! We're about ready to call it a night since we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. We meet with Amelia in the afternoon and we're also going to visit with Graham's foster mother! After that, it's time for us to pack up so we can head to the airport early Thursday morning. We are both so ready to get home with Amelia so we can be reunited with Graham, so as nervous as we are for our long flight to Chicago, we're ready to just do it!


T said...

One more day and you will have Amelia all to yourselves. I hope the plane ride home is uneventful. Good luck and we'll see you soon!