Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Red Balloon

As the ticker at the top of the blog shows, today we hit a milestone I never in my wildest dreams imagined we'd hit-waiting for 3 months to bring Amelia home. Although I know that each day we wait is one day closer to having her with us, each day the wait becomes harder and harder. It's tough to hold it together when we don't know where the finish line is! But, as this wait drags on and on, I'm continually being given small signs, that eventually my family will all be in the same home.

Tonight for example, Graham gave me one such sign. He's been dragging his red Trader Joe's balloon around the house for the past day or so. This evening, he was insistent that the balloon go downstairs with him. I assumed he wanted the balloon tied to his car like most of the other balloons he's had. As soon as we got downstairs, he ran over to Amelia's door, hung the balloon on her doorknob and came running back to me. He was so excited as he pointed to the door and said "Amel ya ya balloon". I got so choked up with Graham wanting to share his prized balloon with his little sister who is all the way on the other side of the world. We sure do have a lot of love for our special little girl!


Erin said...

Oh, Melissa. I'm so sorry that your wait to bring Amelia is dragging out. In fact, every time that I see that your blog has updated on my reader, I click the new entry with hope in my heart that it's news that you got the call. I can't even imagine how sad you must feel when each day passes and you don't hear anything. On a happier note, what a sweetie Graham is! I just can't believe how much he seems to actually "know" his little sister is coming and how much he wants to share with her already. Keeping you all in my prayers!