Monday, July 21, 2008

One down, who knows how many to go!

Today marks one month of us officially waiting for our little girl! Of course, it feels like we've been waiting much longer since we started the application process way back in wintry April, but we're now able to say we've got one month of "waiting list waiting" behind us. In honor of attempting to patiently wait, I've decided to allow myself to indulge in my need for girly shopping once a month. I have to admit that I got quite the rush when I allowed myself to cross from the boy side of the store into the girl side. I could have easily spent hours browsing racks of dresses and ruffles. Since we don't know what size our little princess will wear when she makes her journey home, I decided on a few items that have some flexibility-a pair of sassy sunglasses, an adorable sunhat, and a pair of cute little sandals. Stay tuned for next months girly purchases!


Amy said...

Alexandra has that same sunhat-- if Miss Olson is wearing a 6-12 next summer, we have a really cute watermelon outfit that goes with it! Alex is excited to start sharing her closet!