Sunday, May 20, 2012

Amelia's First Dance Recital

Today was a big day for Amelia...her very first dance recital!  I was certainly one proud Mama to see my little girl up on that stage dancing her heart out! I wasn't just happy to see how adorable Amelia looked in her little ballet shoes and lion costume, but I was so proud to see her in front of an audience having a great time! Amelia can be very slow to warm up in a new environment and being on a stage in front of a huge audience is definitely a new environment. But, she was so brave and showed off all her little dance moves with confidence! I will fully admit to getting completely choked up when Amelia spotted me in the audience which made her smile turned into a grin and she began to wave. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that this life really is my own. Today I got to be the Mommy in the audience waving at my little girl up on stage and what a fantastic day it was!

My only regret for the day was that I didn't break the 'no pictures in the auditorium rule' which means I don't have a single photo from the actual performance. I need to remember this for next time. Some rules are made to be broken, right? :)

Getting ready for her big debut!
Celebrating after the show!

Amelia and her friends Zebra Mary and Zebra Laney. 


Lynn Greer said...

She's so beautiful! What a great day for all.