Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Perfection

We've had the most wonderful fall this year. I actually don't remember one quite like it...I'm talking sunny weather in the 80's for the past several weeks! It's been heaven to carry on with our normal "summer" activities but do it surrounded with red and orange covered trees. I think the knowledge that snow isn't too far off in our future make us appreciate this all the more.

My absolute favorite place in the fall is St. Olaf College, so that's where we headed today! The kids get excited when they hear we're going to visit "their college". I don't know what it is about that campus and the small town of Northfield, but it's magic. I love that Graham and Amelia know their way around the school and enjoy running outside going from building to building checking everything out. Daddy Jeff and I figure that by the time they're ready for college, St. Olaf will already feel like their second home! :)

Graham LOVES to play in the leaves. Amelia...not so much. The leaves are "too dirty"!

The obligatory chair shot. Amelia chose her accessories today and she was beyond proud to strut around campus with her pink ruffled purse!

Mr. Graham and his chair picture

St. Olaf


Jim Olson said...

They fit in the chairs better each year!

ElleMura said...

So jealous that you can go to St. Olaf whenever you want to! And oh my gosh, I half hope that I have a kid who wants to go there and I half hope I don't. If the tuition bubble doesn't burst, I seriously don't think we'll be able to afford it!