Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Easter Bunny

I had the idea today, to dress Amelia and Graham up in cute spring clothes and take them to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny. Both kids seemed excited by the idea, in fact, we've passed the bunny on previous shopping excursions, and both Amelia and Graham waved happily to the bunny from their stroller. Graham took his impending visit with the bunny very seriously and created a painting especially for his fluffy friend. Amelia just went along with the plan because that's what Amelia does-she does what Graham does. When we arrived at the mall, Graham confidently walked right up to the bunny, shook his (her?) hand and presented his masterpiece. The bunny seemed impressed, and offered Graham a "thumbs up". Apparently, the Easter Bunny at our mall is mute and communicates by playing charades. This frustrated Graham as he was hoping the Easter Bunny would ask him what he should bring him. Since when does the Bunny take orders?!?! While all this was going on, Amelia was becoming increasingly panicked. She was clinging to Jeff and wouldn't even look at the bunny. We thought she might not be so hesitant if Graham was right next to her, but we were WRONG. We will never forget, that Amelia does NOT like the Bunny. She doesn't like the Bunny near or far. I'll be surprised if this girl ever looks at a stuffed rabbit again. Poor Amelia! :)

Being silly before the Eater Bunny visit

Graham presents the Easter Bunny with an original, one of a kind, painting

This isn't going well....

Being consoled after her Easter Bunny encounter