Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Months Old

Today, Miss Amelia turns 10 months old! We haven't even known her for a month yet, but already the changes in her are amazing! She's much more confident in her crawling, she pulls up on EVERYTHING, and she's even trying to stand up unassisted! I can only imagine what the next month will bring for her! Here is a short list of her likes and dislikes at 10 months old:

-Food. Any food is great according to her. Any time of day, any place. If offered to her, she'll eat it!
-Watching Annie
-Gerber Puffs-the bigger the pile the better
-Big Brother Graham
-Fisher Price Little People
-Giving extremely slobbery kisses (watch out though, she likes to take the occasional bite of a nose!)
-Shopping with Mommy while riding in the stroller (WOO HOO!!!)
-Pink Plaid Bunny in her crib
-Laughing at Graham
-Smiling almost all of the time!
-Giving hugs

-Annie licking her
-Having her face washed
-Graham splashing her in the bathtub
-Graham taking toys away from her
-Did I mention sleep???

I'm having a really difficult time coming up with a list of things that Amelia doesn't like. So far, she is displaying such an easy-going laid back nature. Other than her serious sleep issues, she's really slipped right in and acts like she's been part of our family forever!

Happy 10 Months Miss Amelia-we love you lots!


Emma Mae said...

Hi, Melissa! This is Amy's friend Megan - I just caught a link to your blog from Amy's site and checked it out. Amelia is GORGEOUS and looks so happy - it was meant to be. Graham also seems like a great big brother. Congrats! We are so happy for you!!! -MEGAN, JOEL & EMMA